6 Reasons to Still Use Facebook


Facebook launched with the simple concept of digital communication and has now transformed into the king the social media. Today, it offers much more than just messaging and media sharing.

Whether you’re looking to launch a business or purchase an item, Facebook has got you covered. But with so many newer competitors, should you still use Facebook?

We’ll discuss six reasons to still use Facebook if you are thinking of leaving or haven’t opened the app for a while.

1. Simple and Easy Interface

Facebook homepage

Over the years, the company has introduced many features and Facebook has evolved in various ways. Despite its immense popularity, Facebook ensured that the user interface remained convenient and understandable to different people from around the globe.

Anyone with the basic know-how of smartphones and desktops can use Facebook. All the sections and features are laid out in order, allowing the users to navigate and scroll efficiently. Moreover, the icons and buttons are pretty easy to understand.

Facebook’s simple and easy interface connects people using different devices. It ensures that everyone gets the same features whether they use the mobile app or the desktop version.

The intuitive interface has also helped users with a Facebook page to effectively manage the controls and settings of their page.

2. Performing a Search Is Quite Easy

Facebook Search

Apps can become inconvenient if you are unable to perform basic searches. Facebook is a diverse platform, providing multiple features to its users. You can use the search bar on your Homepage to look for people or content.

Searching for content on Facebook is quite easy. You do not need to insert the exact name to find a particular user. Just enter the term most relevant to what you are looking for, and Facebook will provide you with the results.

To search for people/content:

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Tap the Search icon on the Homepage.
  3. Use the Search bar and enter the closest name or keywords to what you are looking for.
  4. Tap Search and choose the answer from the results.

Facebook will display people, content, pages, videos, groups, and services closest to you.

To search for a particular setting:

  1. Tap the Menu icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Scroll down and select Settings and Privacy and then Settings.
  3. Tap the Search icon in the top-right corner of your screen and insert the keyword of the settings you’d like to access.

This feature is not available on many other apps, such as Snapchat, making Facebook convenient to use by seniors and individuals with little knowledge about the app.

3. Dedicated Groups and Communities

People pointing toward laptop screen

Facebook focuses on creating a tight-knit community for people to stay in touch. You can create a Facebook group or join one that already exists. By joining these groups, you become part of a community that shares mutual interests.

For instance, if you like to cook, join a Facebook group where people share recipes and talk about food. If you like to watch Netflix, join a group where people talk about movies and Netflix series.

There are multiple benefits to creating your own Facebook group. Groups allow users to share content and ideas with like-minded people. You can also use your Facebook group to set up a business and attract buyers. Many people have established online businesses by actively participating and engaging in Facebook groups.

4. Facebook Has Diverse Entertainment Options

Every app has its style and content to keep users entertained. We have Instagram for all the imagery, and there’s Snapchat if you want videos and privacy. Facebook tops the list by being a diversely entertaining platform.

First, we have the basics, like sharing media, status updates, reels, and stories. All of this helps you stay connected with other users. If you want more, Facebook offers you different games to play alone or with friends. There is a Watch section dedicated just to videos relevant to your interests.

Facebook also enables you to host a Facebook Watch Party so you and your friends can watch content together. Lastly, you can join groups and Messenger group chats and have fun with friends and family online.

5. Facebook Makes it Easy to Stay in Touch With Your Loved Ones

Video call on a phone

When you open Facebook, the Homepage shows different activities and updates posted by people on your friend list or those you follow. Whether there’s a baby shower or a death notice, Facebook allows people living far from each other to keep up-to-date with their loved ones.

Messenger is the official messaging app for Facebook. It has several features like messaging, sending audio, sharing media and posts from Facebook, video calling, and group chats. You can also make and use Messenger Rooms to bring people together to play games and connect with them.

For quick updates, simply add a story that lasts for 24 hours. You can add music, stickers, filters, and location to a Facebook story.

With multiple connectivity options, users will likely feel connected with their friends and acquaintances.

6. Remain Updated With World News

Facebook has brought nearly the entire world onto one platform. The app features news and content from around the world that anyone can watch. It enables people to know more about the things happening worldwide.

Consequently, people from different cultures and regions can know more about each other. This encourages different communities to build a positive image of one another.

Furthermore, Facebook is diligently working to stop misinformation and false news, ensuring that users do not become victims of rumors.

Stay in Touch With the World Through Facebook

Facebook is one of the most diverse and populated social media platforms. There are many reasons why you should still use Facebook. It encourages you to explore content and features various entertainment and connectivity options.

Facebook is available to people worldwide, so you can meet a group with similar interests and connect with them.

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