Facebook Not Working? Here Are the Potential Ways to Fix It


Just like other web applications, Facebook runs into issues now and then. Either the website itself does not load properly, or you get an error message when logging in. You may be unable to log into your account when this occurs.

The problem may stem from Facebook’s backend, your browser stalling the process, or an unknown issue with your account. Here, we will cover some fixes you can try to get Facebook up and running if it’s not working on your end.

General Fixes to Resolve Facebook Not Working Issue

Here are some general fixes you should try to resolve the issue before moving on to the major troubleshooting steps.

1. Rule Out Internet Issues

Before troubleshooting browser issues, it is best to rule out internet problems first. Visit another website or web app using the same or a different device with the same internet connection to see if it loads properly there.

However, if the internet isn’t causing the issue, Facebook’s backend could be the culprit, and you should investigate it further. In that case, continue to implement the below fixes.

2. Check Whether Facebook Is Down

Checking Facebook Status on Downdetector Website

Facebook is also prone to downtimes, just like other websites. Visit the Downdetector official website and type in “Facebook” to verify whether Facebook isn’t down. If Facebook is down, all you can do is wait for it to become operational again.

Alternatively, you can log into the same Facebook account on a different browser in parallel, either on the same or on another device. When it works there, not only does it confirm that Facebook isn’t down, but it also indicates that the issue lies with your browser, helping you narrow down the problem.

3. Use a VPN

Consider setting up a VPN if any of your Facebook accounts don’t work on multiple computers, but Facebook status is active on the Downdetector site. There are times when Facebook experiences downtime in specific locations, leading to issues like these. Turning on the VPN may help eliminate this possibility.

4. Give Facebook and Browser a Fresh Start

If the error appears on one browser only while logging into your Facebook account, it might be wise to close Facebook and the browser to give them both a fresh start. Doing this will avoid the possibility of temporary glitches on the app or browser’s end.

When none of the general fixes resolve the issue, and the error persists, it’s time to rule out browser issues. Two major browser-related issues can halt your access to Facebook—insufficient memory and extensions incompatibility.

In addition, there is a slight chance that your browser’s cache or settings are to blame. It is imperative that you rule them out.

1. Ensure Memory Is Sufficient for Facebook to Work

Probably, the browser is misbehaving due to the increased CPU and RAM consumption by other web apps and websites you are running simultaneously with Facebook. It’s essential to close resource-hogging processes on your browser to provide enough resources for Facebook.

The browser Task Manager allows you to check the resources consumed by apps and websites running on your browser. Here’s how to access it in Chrome:

  1. In Chrome, click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  2. Go to More tools > Task manager.
    Opening Browser Task Manager in Chrome

Watch out for processes that consume the most memory. Once you filter them out, close them either individually or in bulk by clicking End Process. Make it a habit to close all idle tabs to ensure enough memory is available for significant processing.

Ending Processes in Chrome Task Manager

Then, if freeing up the memory resource doesn’t make a difference, consider disabling all social media extensions in the browser (especially those closely related to Facebook).

2. Disable Extensions

Extensions improve the user experience. Many Facebook extensions allow you to customize your Facebook experience by adding new features and functions. However, like adblockers, you might be using an extension that interferes directly with Facebook’s script, presenting such issues.

Therefore, it makes sense to disable those extensions temporarily, and when doing so fixes the problem, you should permanently uninstall them. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  2. Go to More tools > Extensions.
  3. Find the social media extensions you’re actively using.
  4. By turning the toggle to the left, you can turn them off.
  5. Hit Remove to delete them permanently.
    Disabling Facebook Extensions in Chrome

If disabling extensions does not resolve the problem, reinstalling them will not be harmful because the problem lies elsewhere.

Moreover, clear the browser cache and cookies to eliminate the possibility of piled-up cached data interfering. If that doesn’t work, consider resetting or reinstalling the browser. If that still doesn’t resolve the issue, either shift to another browser or temporarily switch to the Facebook app.

Change Browser or Temporarily Shift to the Facebook App

If none of these fixes resolve the issue and your account works on other browsers and computers, you could have a severe problem with your browser. Consequently, you can either switch your browser and temporarily use Facebook there or start using the Facebook app until you somehow resolve the issue.

Ensure Your Facebook Account Is Active

Logging into Facebook might show your account as disabled right away. Facebook does not notify you when your account is disabled or specify the reasons, so it’s hard to crack often. When you are confident this is an error on Facebook’s part, you can contact Facebook’s support team and have them investigate the issue.

Submit a Ticket to Facebook Support

Submitting a Ticket on Facebook Help Centre

To submit a review request, all you need is to go to the review form, fill in your account details, provide Facebook with your ID(s), and click Send. The Facebook support may take a few days to get back to you, depending on how busy they are.

The disabled account confirms that the issue is not related to the browser, so you can create a new temporary account and use it until Facebook resolves the problem.

Unable to Access Facebook?

The fixes on the list should help resolve the issue. Otherwise, continue to use your account on the Facebook app when the problem is from your browser, and create a new account if the problem persists on the existing one.

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