Everything You Need to Know About Discord Badges


Discord has certain badges that are awarded to users who meet certain requirements. Some of them are fairly easy to get, while others require dedication and commitment to the platform.

Here’s what to know about Discord badges, and how to get some of the most popular ones.

What Are Discord Badges?

discord nitro badge

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In the same that Facebook gives the Top Fan badge to the most engaged followers of any page, Discord also gives its users certain visual tags on their profiles. They appear right below your Discord username and are known as Discord Badges.

They distinguish your profile from the crowd and are a matter of pride. While you can get a few of them by meeting certain conditions, others require you to pay a small subscription fee.

There is no limit on how many badges you can have on your profile at one time. As long as you meet the criteria, you can earn as many badges as you want. The badges for each profile that qualifies for more than one will be organized in hierarchical order.

Some badges are limited real-world events that took place in the past, so you won’t be able to earn them at a later date.

Depending on the value of each badge in terms of perks, it might be worth trying a few badges. Let’s take a look at a few of the Discord badges and how you can get them.

1. Discord Nitro Badges

Discord Nitro is a premium badge that you can earn by subscribing to the Discord Nitro package. Besides the fancy-looking badge, you will also enjoy additional perks when subscribed to the Nitro package.

Discord Nitro monthly package will cost you 9.99$ per month while the yearly subscription comes at 99.99$.

Here is how you can subscribe to Discord Nitro…

In the lower-left corner, click User Settings (gear icon).

User Settings Option In Discord

Then on the left menu, click on Discord Nitro in Billing settings. Click on Subscribe.

Discord Nitro Offer In Discord User Settings

Choose a plan (monthly or yearly).

Selecting A Discord Nitro Plan

Finally, pay with your Credit Card or Paypal.

By hovering over the Nitro Badge, your community will be able to determine how long you have been supporting Discord by subscribing to its Nitro package.

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2. Server Booster Badge

A user earns this badge after boosting their favorite server at least once for $4.99/month. There are different levels for boosting servers and the badge icon keeps on evolving as you jump to the next level.

These levels are based on the milestone (in months) for which you have boosted your favorite server. The number of boosts required varies for each level, for example, two boosts are required to reach level one, 15 boosts to reach level 2, and 30 boosts to reach level 3.

You will enjoy additional perks as you level up, so boosting as many levels as you can afford is worth it.

After you stop boosting the server, the booster badge icon on your profile will show the longest streak you had before stopping boosting. It shows how many months you have boosted the server and at what level the server is now.

Here is how you can get the Discord Server Booster badge…

Launch the server you wish to boost in Discord. Right next to the server name, click the down-arrow. Then click on Server Boost in the drop-down menu.

Server Boost Option In Server Dropdown In Discord

Next, tap on Boost This Server.

Boost This Server Option In Discord

Click on Continue after selecting the number of boosts. Tap on Continue to boost.

Selecting The Number Of Boosts And Boosting The Server

You can then pay with your credit card and PayPal.

3. Discord Partner Badge

Unlike the other two badges, this one can’t be bought with money, so getting it isn’t straightforward. To acknowledge hard work by administrators who lead engaged communities, Discord introduced this badge.

It distinguishes the best servers from the rest. To earn this badge, you must be the admin of a server and the server must meet the following requirements:

List Of Requirements To Be Eligible For Discord Partner Program

  • Be sure to follow the community guidelines.
  • The server must be at least 8 weeks old.
  • Your server should have more than 500 members.
  • The server must meet the basic activity requirement.
  • 2FA must be enabled for all admins and moderators.

If you own a server meeting the above requirements, here is how you can earn this badge…

Open your server and click the down arrow next to your server name. Go to Server Settings > Partner Program in the Community area.

Check whether your server is eligible for the partner program by scrolling down.

Partner Program Menu In Discord

If you are not eligible for a partner program, check the six requirements carefully.

There will be a tick sign before requirements are complete and a cross sign before requirements that still need to be met.

You can apply for the partnership program by providing a few basic details after meeting the requirements. After applying, you can expect a response within 30 days. Apply again if you do not hear back in a month.

4. Discord Bug Hunter Badge

There is a separate badge for bug hunters in Discord if you enjoy finding and reporting bugs on apps, websites, and platforms.

Discord will automatically add the green color badge to your profile after you report the bug. The decision of whether to give a badge remains in the hands of Discord, so you may not get a badge even after reporting the bug.

After you find multiple bugs, your badge will change to golden, making you stand out from other one-time bug hunters.

While there are no additional perks associated with a green badge, you may get beta features with a golden badge bug hunter.

Head over to the Discord testers server and go through each channel for more information about the rules, announcements, and the rest, if you’re interested in joining the bug hunters community.

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If you rarely use Discord, you can live without getting any badges and still enjoy most of the free Discord features. However, if you are a power user, you should definitely check them out.

Get Discord Badge to Distinguish Your Profile From Your Friends

A badge under your profile is a matter of pride; the additional perks make it even better.

Whether you use Discord for gaming, own a large server, or just want to enjoy the platform more, you should get these badges.

Slack beats Discord on many fronts, so you should check it out if you’re using Discord for business or community management.


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