Discord Finally Adds Threaded Messages to Keep Conversations Clean


Conversations on Discord just got a lot more organized. The platform finally introduced threaded messaging, a feature that lets you nest a separate conversation beneath a single message.

Discord Cleans Up Conversations With Threads

Back in May 2021, when Discord just introduced its Stage Discovery feature, the platform also hinted at releasing threaded discussions. Now, threads are finally here, and the platform described exactly how they’ll work in a post on the Discord blog.

Anyone who’s used Discord before knows how messy conversations can get. You might start getting a bit off-topic in a channel dedicated to reporting bugs, prompting the mods to jump in and steer the conversation back in the right direction.

Threads are the perfect solution to this type of problem, as they essentially let you have a conversation within a conversation. Instead of cluttering an entire channel with an irrelevant discussion, you can create a thread to continue the conversation in a completely separate feed.

Threads on Discord

Image Credit: Discord

Once the thread is inactive for 24 hours, Discord will automatically archive it. Servers boosted to level two, however, get the option of extending the auto-archiving deadline to one week.

How to Start a Thread on Discord

If you see a message that sparks a separate conversation, you should try creating a thread. To do this, hover over the message and hit the # button.

Discord create thread button

Image Credit: Discord

Alternatively, you can also create a thread that doesn’t stem from an existing message. Simply hit the + button in the chat bar, and then click Create Thread.

When you start a thread, it’ll pop up on the right side of your screen, allowing you to view the threaded conversation alongside the channel you’re currently in.

You can also view a list of your threaded messages in your channel list. Clicking a thread from this list will open up a fullscreen version of the conversation.

Discord also noted that mods will get some control over threads, allowing them to tweak its settings to their liking. Mods can decide which members can create private or public threads, and can also give some members the ability to manage them.

How Will Threads Change the Conversation on Discord?

Threads will only improve the flow of the conversation on Discord. Having a dedicated space for off-topic rants and replies should make each channel much more organized and easy to follow.

You can enable threads early by enabling the Community feature on your server. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until August 17, 2021, when the feature will be rolled out to every server on the platform.


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