WhatsApp Drops Its May 15 Deadline for Accepting New Privacy Policy


WhatsApp has clarified that it won’t be deleting accounts that do not accept its new privacy policy by May 15th. However, it will eventually limit the functionality of such accounts.

In January this year, WhatsApp announced a controversial new privacy policy, which would allow the company to share data with Facebook. The policy initially stated that if one did not accept the changes, their WhatsApp account would be eventually deleted.

WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy Has Been Heavily Criticised

WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy many times in the past. However, this is the first time it announced that it would be limiting and deleting accounts that do not accept the changes.

This led to WhatsApp receiving a barrage of criticism, and the company eventually delayed its new privacy policy until mid-May. The controversial policy also caught the attention of India’s Competition Commission which ordered an investigation into it.

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With the May 15th deadline fast approaching, WhatsApp has made a major change in its policy. The company won’t be deleting accounts that do not accept the new privacy policy. It will, however, slowly limit the functionality of such accounts. In a nutshell, the company is giving you more time to accept its new privacy policy.

For the past few weeks, WhatsApp has been showing a notification inside its app to provide more information about its privacy policy. It is also sending reminders if you have not accepted its new privacy policy. Eventually, if you don’t accept the privacy policy, the reminder from WhatsApp will become persistent.

Your WhatsApp Account Functionality Will be Limited

WhatsApp running on an iPhone

Once a persistent reminder is shown, the functionality of your WhatsApp account will be limited. Initially, you’ll only lose access to your chat list. You can, however, still answer incoming video or voice calls. You’ll also be able to read and respond to messages or call back a missed voice or video call via notifications. In an FAQ, WhatsApp says the limitations will not apply to everyone at the same time.

A few weeks after your WhatsApp account’s functionality is limited, you will lose the ability to receive incoming calls and messages. At this point, your WhatsApp account will basically be of no use as you won’t be able to send or receive messages.

Inactive WhatsApp Accounts Are Deleted After 120 Days

WhatsApp won’t delete your account if you don’t accept its new privacy policy, but it does delete all inactive accounts after 120 days. This means once the functionality of your WhatsApp account is limited and you’re unable to use the app to send messages, WhatsApp will delete your account after 120 days.

If you are not comfortable with WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, you can check some WhatsApp alternatives that do not share data with Facebook.

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