Yubo Launches a New Update: Here’s What’s New


Yubo is a new social media app making waves in many communities. In case you don’t know, Yubo is an app that lets you connect with like-minded people around the world, add new friends, exchange messages, and more.

Yubo has a fantastic set of features, including live streaming, finding new people, safe and verified profiles, a better user experience than most other social media apps, and no likes or followers.

Yubo continues to improve its features with each update. In its newest release, Yubo announced a new set of features to enhance the app’s overall user experience. Here’s a quick rundown of what Yubo introduced in its latest update.

What’s New on Yubo?

Yubo has introduced new features, with two main updates – Livestream Onboarding and Add by Tags. Let’s take a look at the top features of the latest Yubo update.

Livestream Onboarding

Yubo wants to make sure the App suits every type of individual, and to do so, introduced a new Livestream Onboarding. It reminds you that your phone’s mic and camera are off, so you won’t need to worry about being seen and you can socialize with everyone through the chat.

As you enter your first live stream, you’ll notice a new interface that describes how the app works and how you can interact with other users.

Once you have discovered your first live stream, the tooltip will disappear to make way for the carousel presenting the top live streams.

Yubo Live Onboarding Feature

For those who feel comfortable joining the live stream, they can press the Raise hand button to speak up. You will then be a part of the stream.

Whenever you join a live stream on Yubo, your camera will be turned off by default, nobody will see anything more than your username and profile picture.

Add Friends Using Tags

A new feature introduced by Yubo is the ability to add Tags to your profile as soon as you sign-up, as well as a way to search for friends based on the tags you have in common. Tags are an integral part of the Yubo experience and with this new “Add by Tag” feature, they will allow you to personalize your experience even more.

You can now search for people with specific tags to find friends faster. This will allow you to find people who share your interest more easily. All you have to do is go to the Friends tab on your profile. From here, if you click a tag, you’ll see a list of people that also choose that tag.

With this new feature, you can add up to 200 friends every day, given that you’re ready to find new friends. In addition, all the tags you share with your new friends will be displayed when you start a conversation with them, meaning it’ll be much easier to break the ice for the conversation and maybe find your future best friend.

Yubo Chatting interface with Tags

Users can add tags while signing up to make it easy to find your community, and this helps Yubo recommend you to more people who share similar interests. Tags even have new categories so that you can add and discover new interests, and even favorite foods and activities. It is estimated that about 65% of Yubo users add their interests during the sign-up process

Yubo Tag Discover Feature


About Yubo

Yubo has become a popular app among Gen-Z. Yubo allows them to connect with like-minded people to avoid loneliness among all users on the app.

Yubo aims to connect Gen-Z users with people who have similar interests so that they don’t feel alone and can have meaningful conversations. Anybody here can make a group of friends with similar interests and probably spend a lot more time together.

Yubo is constantly adding new features that make the app more accessible and easy to use to ensure that everything is simple for the new generation of users. Those who open up their interests on Yubo will be matched with people who share similar interests.

Yubo already has features like Swipe to find similar friends, Chatting to message your new friends, and Livestream and join communities that are to your interests. This social media application offers many features that users can take advantage of.

You can join Yubo in just a few minutes if you haven’t already. Yubo is available to download on the Play Store and App Store.

Download: Yubo for iOS | Android (Free)

If you want to experience a new social media app other than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you should try it out. Yubo is the perfect platform to make new friends with similar interests.

Yubo is a unique social app where you can meet new friends, chat live, and have fun. Yubo introduced these features to make the app more accessible to new users.

They have fixed a few bugs here and there and added new features like Livestream Onboarding and Tags. With these features, Yubo has become more user-friendly. With that said, you’ll see these features in the Yubo app soon.

The Yubo app will have more features with the upcoming updates, making it a more attractive alternative to other social media apps.

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What Exactly Is Yubo, the Best App for GenZ?

Yubo is an all-in-one social media app where you can livestream, chat, have fun, and make new friends. Join the community to meet new people.

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