How to Use Replays to Listen to Clubhouse Chats After They End


Clubhouse Replays is a godsend feature, not just for creators but for users as well. Replays enable you to listen to Clubhouse chats at your own convenient time, long after they’ve ended interactively.

Here’s how you can use Replays to listen to past Clubhouse chats.

How to Use Replays to Listen to Past Clubhouse Chats

Replays is a handy feature offered by Clubhouse that enables anyone to catch up on past Clubhouse chats. It allows you to listen to Clubhouse chats in a podcast-like way, but with more interactive live features like Pull-To-Refresh (PTR), Leave Quietly, mic taps, and more.

Clubhouse Replays is available across the application on Club pages, a speaker’s profile, and even when you’re using the universal search feature.

Here’s how to take advantage of Replays to catch up on past Clubhouse chats:

  1. Find a Clubhouse Replay you’re interested in. You can find Replays by going to one of your Clubhouse pages or the profile of people you follow on the platform. In Clubhouse pages, Replays have a dedicated tab. On personal profiles, scroll down to the Speaker in section to see the speaker’s available Replays.
  2. Tap on a Clubhouse Replay to start playing automatically

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Clubhouse Replays have various features that you can take advantage of to get the most out of the experience. There’s a pause and play functionality, and you can speed up the conversation using the 1.5x and 2x speed controls. You can also go back by 15 seconds or skip to the next speaker.

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Exit the room by tapping the Leave Quietly button, and when you return, you can choose to resume from where you left or start listening from the beginning. There’s also support for Clubhouse’s Clips feature.

Catch Up on Past Clubhouse Chats Using Replays

Gone are the days when all Clubhouse chats were ephemeral. You can now catch up on past discussions using Replays, but that will also depend on whether the feature was enabled during the chat. There’s a catch, however, as only public Clubhouse rooms support Replays. A creator can also choose not to enable Replays.

But if you’re a creator and want to enable Replays in your rooms, we have you covered.


How to Enable Replays on Your Clubhouse Chats

Using Replays on Clubhouse lets you save a recording of the discussions you host. Here’s how to enable the feature.

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