9 iPhone Tricks We Found on TikTok That Will Impress Your Friends


TikTok is full of funny videos and dances, but there are also tons of iPhone tricks being shared there as well. Some of these tricks are basic, but others are pretty unique and might not be well known to everyone. Be sure to check out these tricks and the corresponding videos to see them in action.

Disclaimer: Not all of these tricks work across all iOS versions.

1. Unlock Your iPhone With Your Voice

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Did you know you can unlock your iPhone by saying a phrase of your choice? This little-known trick from kaansanity takes advantage of the accessibility feature. Essentially, you can choose a passphrase and each time you say it, your phone unlocks.

To set this up, go to Accessibility > Voice Control, then click on Customize Commands. Then tap Create New Command and type your custom phrase, like “open.”

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After you do this, hit Run Custom Gesture and tap your passcode sequence on the screen—this is quite hard, mind, as you need to guess where the numbers will appear. You can set your passcode to 1111 for this to be easier. Once this is done, your phone will open each time you say your phrase.

Disclaimer: while this trick is very cool, it does make your iPhone less secure as people can hear what you say. If they say your phrase, they can open your phone. Be sure to not share this phrase with anyone.

2. Turn Off Lock Screen Notifications

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There are several options to stop notifications from being readable on the Lock Screen, but users who might be snooping on your phone can still see who is texting you or what apps are sending you notifications.

This trick from ambre_skye can help. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and turn Control Center off to stop this.

After this is off, nobody can scroll down and see what notifications are being sent. However, you won’t be able to use features like the flashlight either.

3. Change the Color Scheme of Your iPhone

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If you want to change the color scheme of your iPhone, you can do so with a pretty simple trick. One TikTok user, ambre_skye, did this to change their phone to pink, and subsequently made all emojis pink as well.

Head to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size. Then, turn on Color Filters and choose the filter of your choice. There are four color filters and one color tint option which will turn everything pink.

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This feature is made for those who are colorblind, but it does create an interesting theme. You can change the intensity and hue in the settings.

4. Get a Long Exposure Street Shot


With this iPhone trick from jessicawangofficial, you can take a picture of yourself with a long exposure background using the camera. This is very simple to do and it looks fantastic. It works great for getting shots downtown as it cuts some of the people out but still has a street-style shot feel.

Simply open the Camera app and turn on Live mode at the top. Then, hold still for three seconds and swipe up from the photo in the Photos app to choose the Long Exposure effect. Then watch the magic happen.

5. Get a Custom Message Whenever You Charge Your Phone

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If you want your iPhone to speak a custom message whenever you insert or disconnect the charger, kaansanity showed us how.

Go to the Shortcuts app and select Create Personal Automation. Hit Charger, tap Next, and then Add Action. Type Select Speak Text in the search bar and select that. Then, you can type your message out.

Now, each time you connect or disconnect your iPhone, you will hear a customized message.

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Ever hand your phone to somebody to show them a picture, but then they continue to scroll and see what else is in your camera roll?

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This trick from katamogz will prevent this. All you need to do is go to Settings and then Accessibility. Tap Guided Access and Enable Passcode Settings. Once this is set, triple tap your screen before you hand somebody your phone and tap Guided Access.

Once this is done, the screen will lock, and they won’t be able to scroll and see your other pictures.

7. Make Siri Eject Water if Your iPhone Gets Wet

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Having this shortcut from kaansanity installed can save you from ruining your iPhone. All you need to do is add a new shortcut to the Shortcuts app. Download this Water Eject shortcut from Shortcuts Gallery.

Then, if you ever get your phone wet, just say “Siri, Water Eject shortcut” and Siri will play a low bass sound that will shake the water out of your speakers.

If you get a notice saying your iPhone can’t verify the shortcut, then you need to allow Untrusted Shortcuts in the Shortcuts Settings.

8. Make Your iPhone Shoot in 4K

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By default, 4K video shots are disabled on your iPhone. This is because these video files can be very large and can quickly take up a lot of space.

However, if you need to shoot a high-quality video, be sure to give this trick from user6120531055317 a try.

All you have to do is open Settings and tap Camera. You will see a Record Video setting and once you tap that, you can choose 4K at 60 fps to get the highest quality video possible on your iPhone.

9. Start a Secret Chat With Friends

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Another trick from kaansanity shows how, using the Notes app, you can create a secret chat with friends that won’t show up in your iMessages. You can even send drawings and pictures.

Go to the Notes app and add a subject to a new note. Then, tap the Add User icon at the top and add a friend to the note. Once they are added, you can secretly chat with one another by typing in the note.

For additional security, you can also lock the note, which will prevent it from being accessed without the password.

Be sure to remember that a user can still screenshot this without you being notified; it is not meant to be an actual secure way to chat, but rather a fun way to send messages to friends.

Finding Great TikTok Tips

There are many great iPhone tricks being shared daily with the hashtags #iphonetips, #iphonehacks, and #iphonephotography. The iPhone is an incredible piece of hardware capable of so many things. Trying new tricks can make it even more useful and fun!


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Whether you’re new to TikTok or already know how to use it, these TikTok tips should help you get the most out of the app.

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