How to Use Clubhouse Clips to Share Audio Snippets


Clubhouse will let you share short clips from discussions in Rooms with your friends and social media communities at just the tap of a button.

Clubhouse is helping creators grow with the launch of several features, including Clips. Clips allows listeners to record and share short audio snippets of discussions on the Clubhouse app, which is especially helpful for sharing notable moments in a discussion with friends within that niche if they are not on Clubhouse.

Keep reading to find out how Clubhouse’s Clips feature works.

Clubhouse Launches a “Clips” Feature

Clubhouse has launched Clips, a feature that makes audio clips accessible and sharable even after a live discussion has ended. Clips allows audiences in public rooms to save the most recent 30 seconds of audio and share it anywhere.

That means that if you’re part of a discussion and you hear something particularly interesting, or that you think your friends might find it relevant or interesting, you can create a “clip” of that content and share it with a link to join the room.

Because Clubhouse recognizes the danger in letting people share short audio clips out of context, the app is rolling out Clips in beta to test it with a small group of creators first.

How to Use Clubhouse Clips to Share Audio Snippets

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Hosts can decide if they want their audience members to be able to share snippets of their discussions. If a host has Clips turned on, you will be able to create clips from the discussion and share it on whichever platform you wish.

You can create and share Clips on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and iMessage by simply tapping the scissor icon that will appear on the screen. You can even save these snippets to your camera roll.

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Please note that you have to have been in a Room for at least 30 seconds before you can share a clip of a discussion.

Clubhouse Is Helping Creators Grow on the Platform

Clips is one of several features launched by Clubhouse to help creators grow. As listeners share memorable and relevant snippets of a discussion with their circles or social media audiences, more people will be exposed to content from creators and clubs, helping them grow.

With Clubhouse allowing users to tip creators, this could even help creators earn more money on the app as their audiences and popularity grow.

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How to Start a Room on Clubhouse

Create a Room and invite your friends to talk about your favorite topics on Clubhouse. We’ll show you how.

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