Bitrix24’s Project Management System: Everything You Need to Know


You have probably heard of Bitrix24 and how it has taken project management by storm. You’re also possibly wondering if it would work for you, or are already contemplating using it in your company.

Before taking this big step, it’s a good idea to get familiar with all the essentials of Bitrix 24. Here is everything you need to know about the Bitrix24 project management system.

How Does Bitrix24 Work?

Bitrix24’s primary function is to automate communication and management procedures in a business, resulting in more efficient project management. It works for businesses of all sizes.

The essential tools available allow you to manage essential communications such as emails, messages, tasks, and even projects.

The Basics of Bitrix24

Photo of a team talking around a desk

Bitrix24 is available on the web, as well as on mobile and tablet apps. Both versatile and user-friendly, you can use the platform to invite colleagues and collaborate on a project.

To access Bitrix24, you need to create an account. You can use a free trial version to decide whether or not it works for you before upgrading to its premium version. It’s important to keep in mind that the free version is limited, and only supports a maximum of 12 users.

Bitrix24’s Key Features

Now you know a little more about the basics of using Bitrix24 for project management, we can move on to looking at its main features. You’ll find the most important ones below.


Bitrix24 further allows you to send emails from more than one email account. So, you can have different team members sending out emails to various clients from one account.

You can also turn your emails into tasks, and have them follow an automated sequence!


If you have been wondering how to create an online store for your goods and services, Bitrix24 has you covered. With its simple interface and convenience in use, your store will be up and running in no time at all.

Automated Tasks

Bitrix24 offers a superb automatic task organizer. When dealing with massive projects, Bitrix24 can easily keep track of your notifications, stay updated and within the deadlines, and keep track of the changes within your system.

CRM Document Builder

Creating different documents for your services can be rather tedious. Having to do it over and over again can make it much more unbearable. Bitrix24 offers you a simple solution with its CRM document builder.

All your shipping needs, contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and even purchase orders can be generated from one document builder with this fantastic feature. This will save you both time and resources. With your commercial plan, you have access to unlimited copies of documents.

Mobile Tasks

Bitrix24’s mobile tasks feature keeps you updated on all the essential details surrounding your projects. Once you install the mobile application on your phone, The platform sends you information on looming deadlines, status reports, and even the priority rating of various files directly to your phone.

Printing Bitrix24 Pages

Bitrix24 comes with a print button that allows you to print all the relevant documents and reports related to the project. This makes your printing much easier, since you do not have to go through additional processes to print your document.

Resource Booking and Appointment Scheduling

Bitrix24 allows you to allocate resources by booking them in advance. This makes it much easier to access the resources and schedule appointments as necessary. With this feature, you can say goodbye to clashes for resources within the project.

Mind Mapping

Bitrix24 boasts a mind map feature that allows you to keep clear, visible objectives and goals. This way, you can easily track your goals and beat your deadlines.

The mind map also helps you assign tasks better, since it offers a visual representation of your entire project and keeps you on track with your progress.

Expense Tracker

All businesses need to keep a detailed track of the expenses they incur. This promotes transparency, while also reducing the risk of losses.

Bitrix24 helps you to keep track of all your expenses and enables you to generate the required financial documents, all forms of records, and reports related to expenditure. Moreover, it allows different users to edit and create records.

Interface and How to Use Bitrix24

If you are entirely new to Bitrix24 and are wondering where to begin, you’ll first need to visit the Bitrix24 website and create a new account.

Bitrix24 website homepage

After creating an account, click on your profile to edit it. Here, insert all the relevant information such as your contact details, photo, or even your role in the business.

Bitrix24 profile setup

When you’ve customized your profile, you can start inviting friends, colleagues, and business partners into your account. This way, you will be able to communicate within Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 Invitation dialog box

With Bitrix24, you can draft and set up a new welcome message that is automatically sent to new members invited to your account. Alternatively, you could send that message to the general chat where everyone can see it.

At this point, you can also explore further options with Bitrix24. Consider experimenting with the following activities:

  • Creating workgroups.
  • Adding personal tasks.
  • Using the Company calendar to schedule events.
  • Creating and organizing a shared document library for your users.

It’s worth noting that to access everything in Bitrix24, you’ll first need to activate your free trial as well.

Bitrix24 offers guidance on how to navigate all the challenges you may face while using their interface. All you have to do is reach out via their helpdesk.

The Pros of Using Bitrix24

Bitrix24 offers you plenty of benefits. Using it as your project manager will help you monitor the pulse of your business and increase your productivity.

Below are the primary benefits of using Bitrix24 in your company.

1. CRM Integration

Using CRM integration, you can centralize your tasks, projects, and activities into one place and access them via a single platform: the robust Bitrix24 system. All your tasks become much easier when using this tool to perform.

2. Safer Communications

Your work communications need to be as secure as they can get. Bitrix24 assures you of the safety of all your communications. You can manage both your internal communication within the business and external communications with clients and stakeholders.

Reliance on Bitrix24’s secure modules assures you of the uncompromised security of your web-shared content. Classified content, for instance, requires specific permissions for users to access on Bitrix24’s system.

3. Improved Company Structure and Management

Bitrix24 fast tracks your business processes and allows you to organize or improve your company structure through its management tools.

Using advanced management tools such as task reporting, or simpler ones such as employee reporting, Bitrix24 ensures all the activities in the company run as expected.

4. Various Plan Options

Unlike other project management systems, Bitrix24 offers you different plans that are tailored to suit your business. You could opt for the free plan, the standard, or even the professional plan. The prices vary, but so do the functionalities.

Using the paid plans will ensure that you get the best features and tools for your business management.

The Cons of Using Bitrix24

Like all good things, Bitrix24 is not without fault. Below are some of the limitations you may face while using Bitrix24.

1. Difficult to Set Up and Use

Using Bitrix24 for the first time might pose a significant challenge. However, with a few guidelines and proper training, your staff will learn how to use it within no time.

The best way to navigate the difficulty in setting up and use is to seek the help of an expert.

2. You Might Find Bitrix24 Expensive

Getting a paid Bitrix24 plan might not be cost-effective. The lowest paid plan costs $49 per month for five users, while the most expensive option—offering unlimited users—costs $149 per month.

At the same time, Bitrix24 is worth your money if you use the features extensively and notice benefits from doing so.

Alternatives to Bitrix24

If you think Bitrix24 doesn’t for you, several alternatives exist.

One option is, a popular project management solution used by businesses worldwide. With this platform, you can set up workflow charts, download templates, and integrate several apps.

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Another possible alternative is Trello. If you’re a smaller team, you’ll find this solution particularly useful for offering a full overview of the progress made on each of your projects.

Other Bitrix24 alternatives include:

These alternatives have their own unique selling points, with features that might be more or less useful to you. Give them a try and see which works best for your needs.

Your Best Bet

You could say plenty about Bitrix24. However, one thing is certain; it is one of the most effective project management systems you can use. You can compare the specifications we’ve given to using Excel in business management- Here are some pros and cons of using excel for your project management. All the same, whatever project management system you’re using, Bitrix24 is probably much better and more effective for your business!

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