How to Create Engaging Social Media Posts With Ripl


If you’re a social media enthusiast, you’ll know that images and videos have a much higher potential for engagement than text-only posts. However, you might think that creating these posts requires extensive technical design skills. With apps like Ripl, though, you can create spectacular graphics for your feed—without the hassle of attending design school.

Today, we’ll show you how to use Ripl to create social media posts that stand out from the rest of the crowd.

What Is Ripl?

Ripl is an app designed to make engaging visuals for social media. The key feature of Ripl is its massive library of templates, stock images, and videos. It’s available now for Android devices, iOS devices, and as a web app.

One of Ripl’s strengths is its intuitive editor that enables the customization of templates through colors, fonts, and animations. And the app’s drag-and-drop image editing feature makes graphic design easier.

Ripl costs $14.99/month, but you can save 33% if you opt for an annual subscription. Signing up to the platform requires a credit card, but you can bypass this requirement if you prefer. Unfortunately, that means you won’t be able to download anything you create.

Download: Ripl for Android | iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

Getting Started With Ripl

Image showing the home page of Ripl app

Signing up for the Ripl app on a desktop browser is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on the Ripl sign-up link to create an account.
  2. On the next screen, choose a template style you prefer, and click Next.
  3. Select one of the plans on your screen, and click on Free Trial.
  4. Fill in your credit card information.
  5. To avoid inputting a credit card, click the X in the top-right corner.
  6. While Ripl will restrict you from downloading customized posts without a card, you can save some static images.
  7. The Ripl Home page will load for you to explore!

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Setting Up Your Personal Brand

Visualization of My Brand Creative tab of Ripl

Ripl allows you to customize your profile by setting up a personal brand. By doing so, you can easily access your preferred logo, color palettes, and fonts. Follow these steps to get set up:

  1. At the top of the screen, click on My brand.
  2. Under the Creative tab, choose your logo, brand colors, and preferred fonts.
  3. Now, click the Settings tab and link your social media accounts under the Social accounts section. That’s it! Your brand is ready to use.

Image showing of My Brand Settings tab of Ripl

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Creating Social Media Content From Templates

Crafting impressive visuals with Ripl is easy using the ready-made templates. You can access a wide selection via your Ripl home page.

Click the See all link at the right of each section to get the complete list of template options for that category. And scroll down for more template categories.

Creating a Collage With Ripl

Visualization of Ripl editor with collage template

To create a remarkable family photo collage for your Facebook or Instagram feed, try these steps:

  1. From your Ripl home page, click on the Search box—type in collages and press Enter.
  2. Click on any collage you find, and it’ll open in the Ripl editor.
  3. On the left panel, you’ll find multiple vertical tabs named: Templates, Media, Text, etc.
  4. Ripl defaults to the Media tab. If you’d like to delete the stock photos from the collage, click the X above each image.
  5. Select Upload from computer to add your images to the template. Keep the number of images the same as the original template.

Visualization of adding external images to the collage template of Ripl

6. Click on the Text tab to edit the Primary and Secondary text of the collage template.

Illustration of Primary and Secondary texts in Texts tab of Ripl editor

7. Double-click on Your Logo Here to upload a personal logo or hide the element.

8. At the bottom of your new creation, choose Static if you’d like to use a fixed image or Animated if you’re using GIFs and videos. Note: this step only works if you added credit card information at signup.

9. Click the Next button to save, share, or schedule social media posts using the collage you just made.

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Creating a Ripl Slideshow

Visualization of a Ripl template for slideshow

Slideshow posts are perfect when you want to tell a story or showcase several images. Ripl enables you to convert each photo into a single slide. You can also add unique text to customize your slideshow deck.

To create a slideshow:

  1. On the Ripl dashboard, click on the Create your own button.
  2. The Ripl editor will open with the most recent template that you used.
  3. Click on any of the templates you’d like, or choose the one shown below.
  4. Select the Size tab from the left-side panel and choose the post size that you need.

Illustrating the Size tab functions of Ripl editor

5. Click on the Fill Style tab to choose between Solid, Gradient, or Stripes.

Image showing the Fill Style tab of Ripl editor

6. Now, click the Media tab. You may either upload photos from your computer or use stock photos from the Ripl content library.

Visualization of inserting stock photos to the slideshow template of Ripl

7. Once you’ve selected your photos, click on the Play button beneath the image to preview the slideshow. Ripl employs a unique algorithm to determine the slideshow’s speed.

8. When you’re ready to share, save, or schedule your slideshow, click on the Next button in the top-right corner.

Here are some tips to control the pace of slideshow elements:

  • Use fewer images to increase the display time of each image.
  • Don’t add lengthy text captions if you want to increase the transition speed.

Creating a Social Media Poll

Image of expanded list under This or that section of Ripl

Whenever you want your audience’s opinion on something, create a poll to get suggestions from your friends and followers.

With Ripl, making social media polls is a piece of cake. Or pie. We’ll let you decide. Here’s how to create a Ripl poll:

  1. Open your Ripl dashboard and scroll down to the This or that template row.
  2. Click on the See all link to expand the list and choose a template that you think fits your poll topic. Click it.
  3. The template will open in the Ripl editor. You can customize the details of your poll by using the vertical buttons on the left side of the screen.
  4. If you want to create a more customized poll, you can upload pictures from your device.
  5. To do so, gather some images you’d like to use for your poll.
  6. Transfer the images to your computer, and then click on the Upload from computer button in the Ripl editor to upload.

Image showing file upload from local computer to Ripl

7. Select two images. They’ll appear above the Upload from computer button.

8. Drag and reposition the images if you’d like.

9. Click on the Text tab to enter custom messages in the Primary and Secondary text fields.

Visualization of editing the texts of poll visuals in Ripl editor

10. To save the image on your computer, right-click on the image and select Save image as.

11. Now, you can use the saved image for Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

Effortlessly Create Eye-Catching Social Media Content

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Ripl feel free to let your creativity run wild. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll be creating engaging posts with only a few clicks.

Designing exceptional graphics for social media doesn’t have to be complicated. With sites like Ripl, you can focus less on the mechanics of design software and more on content that makes an impact on your audience.

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