How to Get TikTok Famous: 8 Tips Guaranteed to Help


TikTok’s growth has seen creators beginning to get paid for their content. They receive money not only from contributions, but also from other brands as influencers.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to grow your presence on the app—whether it’s just for fun or you’re looking to build a career. If all of this sounds interesting, keep reading this guide for tips on how to get TikTok famous.

What Content Performs Well on TikTok?

If you want to know how to create a viral TikTok video, the first thing you’ll need is patience. Many videos are known for doing the rounds several days after they were first posted.

Many top-performing videos are based on trends, meaning that you need to produce reactive content.

When it comes to becoming famous on TikTok, you need to keep an eye on a few metrics. These include:

  • Your followers and likes, which are displayed on the top of your profile.
  • The number of views your videos get, which is displayed on the video covers.

How to Get TikTok Famous: Tips to Improve Your Metrics

Improving your metrics on TikTok requires looking at various areas, along with a little trial and error. Here are eight things to consider.

1. Post Frequently

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There is no definitive answer to this, but the overall goal is to remain active in your posting.

Whether you share seven posts a day or a few per week, the point is that people turn to TikTok for entertainment purposes and use the app daily. So, you need to provide them with ongoing content to sustain their interest.

You can also let the duration of your video content determine the number of times you post—for instance, shorter videos should be published around once per day, while long-form content can be posted a couple of times per week.

2.  Build Your Audience

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Becoming famous on TikTok requires some strategy, which is why it’s wise to know your audience. In doing so, you can build content based on a niche topic, and create and share content that will benefit them.

Try to stick with this overall theme for your posts, as this is what will draw people to follow you and pique their interest over the long term.

The best way to get to know your audience is through analytics. Switch to a Pro account for more insights. This option is available to all avid creators and is designed to help you understand your performance and engagement.

Analytics you can see with a Pro account include:

  • Profile views.
  • Likes, comments, and shares on your videos.
  • Insights about your trending videos.
  • Play time and watch time of your videos.

These analytics are displayed in easy-to-read graphs, adjustable on a weekly or monthly basis.

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3. Add Finishing Touches

Use TikTok’s camera to film if you can. If not, use their editing tools rather than uploading a pre-edited video, as these perform better. It’s also a good idea to use related hashtags to boost your visibility and popularity within your desired circles.

Captions are also important, as they provide information that helps determine what your content is about and who it is for.

4. Engage With Others

Sharing your support and appreciation for content that other people post will help build your community. Moreover, it can increase the number of followers and mutual interactions you receive.

TikTok is, after all, a social media app—so reach out to others and connect with like-minded creators. Another tip is to comment on popular videos, as this will draw more eyes to your user name and give people a chance to view your profile for more.

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If you want to know how to get famous on TikTok, participate in challenges and trends. You can find these on the For You page; when you find one that complements the kind of content you create, join in. It’ll increase your exposure and can help your videos to achieve viral status.

Another tip is to include trending songs and sounds in your videos to increase your reach. You can act, dance, lip-sync, or add them as a background track. You can also become popular for your reactions to trending videos.

Finally, consider creating an original track that is catchy and appeals to others, as these sounds can go viral and make you famous.

6. Collaborate With Others

Doing a collaboration video with others is a great way to leverage their follower base. This can be tricky if you don’t have the connections, but if you do, it’s a great way to expose similar users to your content.

You can also create a Duet video as this function is available to everyone. Tag the creator and use hashtags for acknowledgment and added reach.

7. Don’t Forget That Quality Matters

Video content is visual, so you should have an identifiable aesthetic to your videos. You also need a consistent editing style.

High-quality content is essential, and that goes beyond what it looks like. You also need to have the best possible audio quality.

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8. Get Creative!

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One of the best ways to become popular is to share unique and original content that resonates with others.

With millions of users, you need to bring creativity into your process; it doesn’t matter if that’s in your ideas, your edits, or both.

People watching these kinds of videos want to learn something new or be entertained. With less time to impress compared to on other platforms, you’ve got to find ways to capture (and hold) attention. Focus on short bursts of content, or mini series with different ‘parts,’ as this will encourage profile visits and follows as well.

Now You Know How to Get Famous on TikTok

So, there you have it—now you’ve got all the information you need for how to get famous on TikTok. Anyone can build an audience if they’re willing to dedicate enough time and focus on providing valuable content.

No definitive checklist exists for how to get TikTok famous, but these tips will help to significantly increase your chances. Keep posting and growing with them in mind and you’ll have a bigger chance of growing your popularity.

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