Clubhouse Is Now Available Worldwide on Android, but You Still Need an Invite


After launching exclusively on iOS, the popular audio-only social media app Clubhouse released an Android app earlier in May 2021. The release was only for the US, but Clubhouse has now made the Android app available worldwide.

Clubhouse Releases Its Android App Worldwide

When Clubhouse first launched, the app was only available on iOS. The company behind the app, Alpha Exploration Co., promised that the app would eventually be released on Android. Earlier in May 2021 Clubhouse did release an Android app, but it was only available in the US.

Screenshot of Clubhouse on the Play Store

We expected that the social media platform would make the app available worldwide shortly afterwards, and the company even confirmed this. Now, Clubhouse is available on Android worldwide.

On Android, the Clubhouse app will function and look exactly the same as the iOS app. As expected, nothing has been changed. This includes needing an invitation from an existing user to sign-up for the app.

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Clubhouse has had a lot of press recently for being a new type of social media. The audio-only app describes itself as a “drop-in audio chat”, and is one of few invite-only apps. On the platform, users can set up chatrooms to discuss topics with listeners, similarly to a live podcast.

Download: Clubhouse for Android (Free)

Clubhouse Is Available for Everyone

Now that Clubhouse’s Android app is available worldwide, there aren’t any restrictions on country or device access. This makes the app a lot more accessible than when it was only available on iOS.

Of course, you’ll still need an invitation to sign-up for the app, but that’s the whole point after all.

Twitter on a smartphone

Twitter Opens Its Clubhouse Clone to Anyone With 600+ Followers

Twitter Spaces will also gain Ticketed Spaces to allow hosts to monetize their Spaces.

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