Snapchat Announces New Snap Originals for Its Gen Z Userbase


Snapchat has been expanding its range of content on the platform in recent years by introducing Snap Originals. Now, the social media company has announced a new range of Snap Originals, targeted at Snapchat’s primary audience… Gen Z.

Snapchat’s New Snap Originals for Gen Z

In a press release, Snapchat announced that it will release nine new Snap Originals in 2021. Including both new shows and continued seasons, Snapchat hopes the range of new Snap Originals will appeal to its core audience.

The new Snap Originals being release include:

  • Off Thee Leash with Megan Thee Stallion
  • Charli VS. Dixie
  • Coming Out
  • Lago Vista
  • Twinning Out
  • Meme Mum
  • Endless Season 4
  • The Me and You Show
  • Breakwater

All the new Snap Originals have been aimed at Snapchat’s Gen Z audience (13-24 year olds). Unsurprisingly, Snapchat’s primary audience for Snap Originals is Gen Z users. In fact, Snapchat claims that over 85 percent of the US Gen Z population have watched a Snap Original.

Snapchat claims that the latest range of Snap Originals are a “reflection of its community,” and shows viewers “what they care about”. The new mini-shows include viewer favorite internet personalities, and some newcomers too.

Snapchat's promotional image for the new range of Snap Originals

Image Credit: Snapchat

With the new Snap Originals, the social media platform claims it is trying to shine a light on important social issues such as race, injustice, and climate change. Snapchat seemingly wants to spark conversations amongst viewers with what it thinks are popular subject matters for Gen Z.

Slightly unexpectedly, Snapchat is actually utilizing some impressive technology in some of the new Snap Originals. In addition to standard shows, Snapchat is also pushing some immersive Originals. These will take advantage of Snapchat’s AR work to deliver viewers a more immersive experience.

What Are Snap Originals?

Snap Originals are made-for-mobile mini-shows that exist on Snapchat. The shows are all self-produced, so are exclusively available on the social media platform. Snapchat categorizes Snap Originals as a mix of reality and scripted shows.

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Each episode of the shows can last around five minutes, and every Snap Original has been shot vertically to optimize viewing on mobile devices. As per usual, viewers can expect to see ads when watching Snap Originals. These ads are unskippable and are often shown a few times throughout each show.

The shows on Snap Originals are attempting to make TV shows more accessible for mobile devices, especially with the younger generation. While not an alternative for TV, Snap Originals are extra content viewers can watch, just like YouTube and similar platforms.

It seems odd that a social media company is producing its own mini-shows, but that’s exactly what Snapchat is doing. With the new range of Snap Originals being released in 2021, it appears Snapchat isn’t slowing down on releasing new content either.

Potentially, Snapchat is carving itself a future in mobile content production. But for now, Gen Z can enjoy some popular returns and new Originals on the platform.

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