Facebook Adds Zoom and GoToMeeting Support to Portal TV


Facebook is bringing Zoom and GoToMeeting call support to the Portal TV, thereby allowing you to enjoy video calls on the biggest screen in your home. The company added GoToMeeting and Zoom video calls support to its Portal smart displays a few months ago and is now bringing the same feature to Portal TV.

Smart Camera and Smart Sound Will Improve Your Zoom Video Calling Experience

In its announcement on the Facebook Newsroom, the social network highlights that the 12.5MP 120-degree FoV camera on the Portal TV features Smart Camera tech that will keep you in the frame while on a video call.

It also features Smart Sound that enhances your voice and keeps background noise in check, so your voice is clearly audible in video calls. This is made possible using the 8-microphone array that the Portal TV has.

Amazon recently added Zoom video calling support to the Echo Show 10.

Portal TV already supports video calling using Messenger and WhatsApp. It also has Messenger Rooms that allow for group video calling with up to 50 people. The Portal TV also supports Netflix, so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows to your TV using it. This feature is missing from the Portal smart displays, though.

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One benefit of using Portal TV for Zoom video calls is that it will free up your laptop’s display for other purposes. This will be especially handy for people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Portal TV from Facebook is primarily meant for video calling. Given how Zoom’s popularity has surged in the pandemic, it is a smart move by the company to add Zoom video calls support to it.

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